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SEO Content

Drive more traffic to your website and reach more potential customers with search engine optimized content on your website! Web content will bring your old and existing customers back to your site for useful information, giving you more opportunities for a sale. Layering your content with SEO will bring your website to new customers through their search engine as they shop for the product or service your provide. Work with an experience writer to come up with topics and keywords for a new content strategy and increased web presence that will benefit any business in any industry!

Reports, Proposals, & Grants

If your business or organization is seeking funding, responding to RFPs, or needs to organize a large quantity of data and information into a thorough report, you want a talented writer on your team! Take advantage of a writer with experience working with technical information, government organizations, and formal business reports to get ahead of the competition. 

Resume Writing

Take your career search to the next level with a polished and professional resume crafted to entice hiring managers and pop up in their searches on databases. Whether your starting from scratch or need to reinvigorate your existing resume, my proven techniques will get your the results you want. Full-service resume writing and resume revisions are available to suit anyone's needs. 

General Freelance Writing

If the categories don't seem to match what you are looking for in content or editing, get in touch to discuss your needs. With a few details about your project, I can deliver a free, no-obligation quote. 

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